Jon Dipper

Tuition: Workshop Leader

n experienced workshop leader and teacher, John’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm combine to make him a much sought-after tutor in academic institutions, festivals and music-camps and academies.

He has taught at venues and events including the Australian National Festival, Sidmouth Festival, Whitby Folk Week, Towersey, Ashokan, Goldsmiths University and regularly teaches on the Folk Music degree course at Newcastle University and the World Irish Music MA Course at Limerick University.

John’s passion for vernacular music led to his degree dissertation focussing on the interpretation of field recordings, looking at intonation, tuning and expression. With his knowledge of the construction and physics behind the workings of the violin and concertina, and his musical knowledge and approach, he is able to offer a unique insight into the world of music and music making.

Please contact John about teaching . You can message him directly from here or you can also go via SuperProf.

"John is an amazing fiddle player and inspirational teacher. He not only has a deep understanding of the music, but is incredibly skilled at bringing out the best of a musician, on a personal expressive and creative level, whilst improving technique and musicality." Newcastle Folk Degree Graduate, Nicola Beazley

"John has taught me semi-regularly over the last 10 years, culminating in some lessons as part of my music degree at Goldsmiths University. His lessons are always extremely insightful and fulfilling. I owe an awful lot of my technique and repertoire to John's brilliant teaching and playing." Goldsmiths Graduate, Tom Moore

"John is engaging and knowledgeable, with a great easy to follow teaching style. Above all though he is great fun!" Newcastle Folk Degree Graduate, Alex Cumming

"John had listened to me, and taken me seriously, and that really, really mattered. His response to my question had changed the course of my playing, and I had glimpsed something of that place in music that cannot be held onto or made solid, but can be known just for a moment.” Judith, student at the English Acoustic Summer School

“A great workshop! Your easy style of teaching and tips on how to enhance the basic tunes made them accessible for the range of players who attended." Ann Abbot, FaceBook comment after a workshop at Whitby Festival 2015