John Dipper’s viola d’amore has texture, grit and grace. Jude Rogers, The Guardian 

 Sublime playing. Now *that’s* how to do it just right. Ian Anderson, PodWireless 

 John Dipper’s virtuosity on violin is well known www.folking.com

 John Dipper’s work is the ideal expression of his genius.    Alan Garner

 Exquisite musicianship    The Sunday Times

 Highly empathetic fiddle playing    Northern Sky Magazine

 I think John is in a league of his own, an amazing musician, composer and player. When I hear John play, I hear the sound of England. The depth he manages to achieve. The lack of clutter. Every note he puts together, nothing in there detracts from what he is trying to achieve. He’s an astonishing player. If we lived in Japan he’d be a national treasure already. He’d be paid by the State to just do what he does. He’s a very special player. I find his music incredibly moving. For me, it’s the sound of England.      Chris Wood, fROOTS Magazine

 John Dipper is one of Englands most sophisticated fiddlers. The lyrical richness of the melodies, textures and accompaniments he draws from his viola d’amore and his seemingly endless fund of strong compositions and creative expansion of mostly English traditional tunes, drawn from a deep knowledge of the 17th and 18th Century collections such as those of Playford and Walsh, as well as living tradition, are always a delight!     fROOTS Magazine

 His new compositions meld with the traditional seamlessly; melodic, never cleaver to impress, but always actually very clever.     fROOTS Magazine

 John is a versatile and highly accomplished musician, effortlessly switching between styles and moods, from the almost medieval/renaissance, to driving English fiddle.     Shire Folk

 Any new venture involving the remarkable talents of John Dipper is something to look forward to.     Judith Weir, Composer and Master of the Queens Music

 A highly regarded fiddler     Living Tradition Magazine

 A hugely talented and creative musician, who always makes me want to get out my fiddle and start playing.     Verity Sharp BBC Radio 3 Late Junction